Melissa Maranda Holistic Counseling
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Welcome! I have been helping people navigate through life's issues for over 25 years. Whether it's anxiety, anger, depression, grief, past trauma, relationships, parenting, substance abuse, domestic violence, GLB issues, spirituality or life stress we can work together to create a path that works better for you.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
With over 25 years in the helping field, I am prepared to guide you through most anything you are experiencing.   I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Iowa in Child/Human Development, a Bachelor of Science  from the University of Metapysical Science in Divinty, a Master of Arts  from the University of Central Florida in Mental Health Counseling, and a  Master of Science in Metaphysical Science/Holistic Counseling. I speciaize in relationship/marriage, and depression, anxiety and anger.  I am a substance abuse specialist and a Parenting Coach.  In addition to these specialties, I am well-experienced in most areas of counseling and GLB friendly.
I hold a certificate from the American Academy of Traumatic Stress, and am experienced in using the technique of EMDR to help you process stuck trauma or other situations you want to improve.  This technique has also been useful in decreasing psychogenic non-epileptic seizures.
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Life Coaching/Holistic Healing
I am holistic in my approach, emphasizing the connection between mind, body and spirit.  In addition to my clinical license and skills,  I am Reiki 1 certified, and knowledgable about the principles of energy flow and the Law of Attraction.  I am certified in Level 1 NLP and I can guide you through a meditation/guided hypnosis to help you change phobias, beliefs and habits.  I am open to the possibilites that exist beyond our phsyical existence and welcome discussion of afterlife, astrology, spirit guides, tarot, dream analysis and Abraham-Hicks.  I believe that there are many paths from which you can achieve insight and empowerment, and will work with you to find a mode that works best for you.