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Welcome! I have been helping people navigate through life's issues for over 25 years. Whether it's anxiety, anger, depression, grief, past trauma, relationships, parenting, substance abuse, domestic violence, GLB issues, spirituality or life stress we can work together to create a path that works better for you.

Melissa Maranda Holistic Counseling & Coaching
I am a licensed mental health counselor with more than 25 years of experince in the healing arts.   Born and raised in Iowa, I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Child/Human Development at the University of Iowa.  Upon graduation, I began my career with intense training in the Boys Town Family Home Program, which prepared me for my work with troubled and homeless adolescents at the famous Father Flanagans Boys Town.  From there, I continued my work with dual diagnosed male adolescent serious habitual offenders (SHO) in residential treatment in the state of Florida.  These teens were diagnosed with substance abuse problems in addition to mental illness/behavior disorders.  I also worked in the Orange County school system prevention programs with at-risk inner city youth living in surrounding project housing whose parents were incarcerated.

For several years I worked with the Department of Juvenile Justice, the Department of Children & Family Services, detox/addiction centers, and then a brief stint with homeless, mentally ill and HIV+ persons. 

While in Florida, I earned my Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling.  I moved back to the Midwest and returned to working with adolescent substance abusers and gang members in Illinois, as well as adults struggling with addiction.   Through my work with people, I wished for a more comprehensive, less clinical method of helping people without labeling them or medicating them.  I wanted a way to help people heal more quickly, more deeply and not just a short term "quick fix".  I entered a program through the University of Metaphysical Science that answered much of what I was looking for.  I earned a Bachelor of Science in Divinity, changing the way I look at spirituality and religious history.  I went on to earn a Master's of Science in Holistic Counseling, and this degree has also allowed me to be an ordained minister, though I do not use that title. 

I am currently completing my doctorate in Holistic Counseling/Metaphysical Science and then will continue working on the Parenting book I am writing with the help of my patients.

We all have a story, and they are all a little different.  I have one, too. 

It is my humble honor to sit with people who trust me enough to lay their issues at my feet and allow me to walk them through their story and into the next chapters.

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